Tips for Buying a Sign

What do you need to consider before you buy a sign? 

You have to decide whether your sign is permanent or temporary—indoor or outdoor. Will the sign be illuminated? Do you need specific colors? You also need to choose a material for your sign (PVC, foam board, metal etc.)and you need to think about what’s most important to communicate, for example, your product or service, phone number, company name and/or logo. 

Of course our  team here at Signs 330 are here to give support but here are some tips to follow when designing your sign: 

-choose typeface that is easy to read 

-use contrasting colors 

-dark colors should be used on light backgrounds 

-light colors should be used on dark backgrounds 

Choice of color can have a major impact on the viewer of the sign: color theory and the reproduction of color is a whole topic of its own but here are a few tips: 

-if you want to draw someone’s attention use oranges and red 

-use of yellows and fluorescents will stimulate feelings 

-blues and greens will send a soothing message 

I hope you found this brief guide useful and that it stimulates some questions before you decide on your choice of sign. Here at Signs 330 we have experts who will be only too happy to help design a sign which is a perfect fit for your needs.