A Thought for Your Friday

I hope you a have a moment in your busy day to check out changes to our website: we’re proud to display some of our recent jobs and as our business continues to grow we’ll be updating and refreshing our picture gallery. 

Thought for the day: what makes a great sign? I guess lots of things but I think that one of the key ingredients is an eye-catching design. Some of our customers know exactly what they want and we faithfully reproduce the image files they give us but we usually try to improve them before we make the sign. Other customers know what they want the sign to achieve but want some help or inspiration to realize their ideal sign. In both cases our in-house graphics team, Caite and Pete, swing into action. 

Caite’s a graphic design graduate who combines artistic flair with a keen understanding of business needs- after all she grew up helping to run the family pizza shop. Pete’s a veteran of the printing world with a particular interest in typography, design and page layout-anyone who uses the word ‘typopete’ in his personal email address has to be passionate about typeface! Together Caite and Pete can manage all your graphic design needs and look forward to help you create the perfect sign.