Though we aren’t quite yet at the dog days of summer, it sure feels they are in fact upon us, raining down cruel heat upon us all. Which can’t be good for anyone of course. After a refreshing vacation, it’s time to get back to reality, back to the daily grind. Although, I fought as hard as I could to stay away as long as possible. The “man” remains undefeated, you can stick it to him all you want, but he always gets what he wants. Thank you, Uncle Sam, for allowing that to happen, where would we be without you and your vast knowledge? 

Very little to nothing has changed in my absence. Somehow the world is still here, although I will admit that I don’t know how it’s still here, and what it had to do to survive. Nevertheless, it’s still here, I thought my absence would surely bring the world to its knees. I was wrong, I guess the saying is true, there is a first for everything. Side bar, fun fact: in Minnesota and Wisconsin they don’t call duck duck goose duck duck goose, they call it duck duck grey duck, now you know. Back to the task at hand here. I would say it’s good to be back if I truly meant it, and I don’t, it sucks being back from vacation. Although Ohio is just as hot as Florida at this time of year just about, there is no ocean to relax and read a book by, and that is all I want. I’m an islander through and through, and that’s about as close as I’m going to get without spending a ton of money going out of country or to a U.S. territory. Therefore, I’m land locked, trapped here, just another cog in the machine. Oh well what can ya do? Just make more signs I guess, and that is what I do.  

-Sign Guy 465