Our Busy Week

This has been a busy and highly productive week: our main focus of activity has been designing, printing, laminating, cutting, applying pre-mask tape and, of course, applying the graphics to two major customers’ vehicles. 

Vehicle graphics offer a fantastic return on your investment: I can think of few better, more cost effective ways of communicating your company name, products and services and contact details than well-designed and expertly-applied vehicle graphics. Just think how many opportunities you have to promote and communicate your business to the widest possible potential market when your message is flashing in front of the eyes of all your fellow motorists and when it’s parked outside your place of work, customer’s premises etc. It also protects your vehicle, and especially your trailer, from being an easy target for thieves: it’s much harder to make a getaway when the owner’s details etc. are emblazoned on the outside the vehicle and it helps the police to track it down.  

All businesses have an equal opportunity to make the investment in vehicle graphics but all vehicle graphics are not equal. I know I’m a sign freak and I guess everyone else in the industry, like me, spends a lot of their time looking at signs and mentally thinking “who on earth designed and made that sign?” But good design and execution can really make the difference and I’m lucky that I have an outstanding design team and a top-notch installer: check out our website and look at Cochran’s trailer and pick-up truck—our customer loves it and we love it too!