As 2020 Comes to an End

‘It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas…..’ or so the song goes. I don’t know how you feel right now but for me, with all the disruption caused by Covid, it’s hard to believe that Christmas Day is only a week away. All the usual activities associated with Christmas in my life (Carol Services, shopping in shops for presents, parties, getting ready for Christmas Day with family and friends, etc.) haven’t taken place. Even  those businesses whose demand has not been hit by Covid are having to cope with staff sickness, longer lead times, etc. And of course large swathes of the business world, hospitality, retail, hotels, etc. are struggling to stay afloat in spite of the efforts of Federal and State governments to support them. 

The Christmas message is all about new birth and hope for the future. We’re not through the worst of Covid yet but the new vaccines and better treatment certainly offer hope for our future in 2021. 

In the world of business we need to start thinking and believing that the New Year will bring in hope  and new opportunities, that the economy will start to grow again as and when consumers feel more confident. And this is where we can support you with signage customized to your needs to bring back old and attract new customers. 

Not only can we support you with banners, window graphics, yard signs, etc., but we can update or replace existing signage. This could be a good time to refresh your logo/company message or to make that investment in illuminated signage—channel letters and illuminated cabinets promote your business during the long dark hours of winter. 

At Signs 330 we’re looking forward to a much better 2021 and we’re here to support you in whatever way we can. 

The team at Signs 330 wish you a happy and healthy Holidays!