Your Community Sign Shop

We like to describe ourselves as a local sign shop or your community sign shop, but what does being a ‘community sign shop’ actually mean? 

I think firstly it means being physically located within the community itself and not tucked away on an industrial area or large shopping mall complex far away from residential areas. Signs 330 is situated on a great, highly visible site on Route 91. The building we bought in January 2020 (and have since totally remodeled) was for many years a bar (Manila Bay Café) but was empty for several years when we bought it. The building was in need of a little love, care, and attention when we bought it and we like to think that we have made a major improvement to the physical environment to the neighborhood we live in—we do get a lot of compliments on the changes that we have made. Occasionally we get visitors who drop in and recall the days when adult beverages were served in the building: alas these days we serve nothing stronger than coffee!! 

Secondly, being a community shop means being accessible physically and being an approachable organization for both private individuals and businesses. Our location makes it easy to find us and we have plenty of room in the parking lot. We have a large showroom where our team will make customers feel welcome and where we showcase the products we can make. Examples of signs we have made for the community include yards signs and banners for local school teams like Cuyahoga Falls soccer, Stow baseball team, yard signs for a local artist, pizza shop, local churches, grandparents buying custom banners for grandchildren, and so on-no job is too small for us to take on. 

And thirdly, we also pride ourselves on supplying a first rate and quick turnaround to businesses in our community. As a relatively new business we’re working hard on promoting our product range to local companies directly and of course through our web presence and social media. Personal recommendations based on positive experiences help spread the word and we’re delighted that already we have many positive Google reviews. 

We plan to have a Grand Opening event where we will invite local dignitaries and the local community as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted-let’s all hope that it happens soon!