The Signs that Saved the Day

Like so many, I depend almost entirely on my GPS system to get me everywhere I need to go. I no longer even have a map in my vehicle, not even for long road trips or vacations. My family and I had planned a trip to Cherokee, North Carolina followed by Pigeon Forge, Tennessee a couple of year back—we left the house completely prepared for everything that you could think of…that is except for GPS failure.

While driving through the mountains in North Carolina, my GPS systems decided that instead of heading to Cherokee, we were just going to head off the side the mountain! That’s right folks, my GPS tried to take us down non-existent roads that led us nowhere other than sudden death! Now, being that I no longer carry a map and depend on that “all knowing” GPS system, my family was sure that this was in fact the end (queue the ominous music). Alas, just as we thought all was lost, shining like a beacon in the darkness was a sign leading us in the direction of Cherokee, North Carolina and now that we were looking for these signs and not blindly following GPS, there were in fact more of those wonderful signs!!

The moral of this story: signs are helpful in many ways!! More importantly… ALWAYS CARRY MAPS!!


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