My Dying Wish, My Manifesto

As my seasonal allergies slowly, but surely, kill me I feel like it’s time to announce my manifesto, a signs manifesto per say. Manifestos do not have to be political, or even serious. They can be used to declare the motives of art. They just need to be a declaration of some sort. On this Friday afternoon on October 22, the day after a Cleveland Brown’s victory over the Denver Broncos, I declare that I am tired. Going to a Primetime football game on a weekday may not have been the best idea ever. As fun as it was, the repercussions are proving to be a little more than I bargained for today. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and I would do it again.  

It’s funny how you start to notice different things when you start a new career in a different field compared to what you are or were used to. Since I began working at a sign shop, I’ve begun to notice signs everywhere regardless if I’m on the clock or not, I can’t help but critique them. Sports stadiums have signage everywhere, whether it’s the giant scoreboards or the wall graphics of the new players added to the team in the past year. The Cleveland Browns have a great sign company whoever it is. The graphics, as far as I could tell, were nearly flawless if not flawless. I can’t help but appreciate the time and effort they clearly spent and put into their signs around the stadium. Everything was done very tastefully, and artistically. I think it added to the overall experience as a whole. Overall, a great night.  

-Sign Guy 331

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